Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Long time no update

Sorry for no updates. Life has just been a little bit crazy. It gets this way every year towards the end of the school year. Rob has now successfully finished his associates degree!!! Woohoo!!!! Now he has 3 weeks off with nothing to do. Well, I'm sure I can find something for him to do. :) Jaz has been busy with racing. We're supposed to go to a race this weekend. We've had some problems with the local track being rained out but hopefully the weather will start to cooperate. Phoenix has been pretty sick. She's got the upper respiratory crud that has been going around. And a double ear infection. With her it goes straight to her lungs and she ends up on breathing treatments. She's just finally starting to get a little bit better but her immune system is not the best due to all the treatments and steroids. Jacey is getting all excited to get to go home and see grandma and grandpa. (Both sets!) She wants to know why we can't just drive up there today and be home tomorrow. Silly girl. Me, well, I've had my plantar fasciitis come back and it's killin me! It's so painful to walk in the mornings and when I get up from sitting down. :( I'm taking some different vitamins and I'm going to order some new shoes. With a little luck, I won't have to get cortizone shots in my heels again. Those things hurt worse than childbirth!!!!