Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dr visit # 834,912

Phoenix has been running a low grade temp off and on for the last few days. Last night it spiked to 102.5 Tylenol and a lukewarm bath later it came down a litte bit. So off to the dr we went this am. Just as I suspected, an ear infection. :( So we got antibiotics and ear drops. And of course she's still wheezy so we got another allergy medicine. Zyrtec. So now she's on albuterol, singulair and zyrtec. I sure hope she outgrows these darn allergies! Either that or we'll have to move somewhere less allergy prone.

Monday, May 21, 2007

End of school gifts

Jazmin has buddy day at school tomorrow. It's a day of fun and activities outside. She has to bring sunscreen and a bottle of water. So of course she wanted a new koozie. :) And she had to have one for her teacher too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And a partridge in a peartree

3 upper respiratory infections, 2 cough medicines, 1 ear infection, 1 antibiotic and 1 oral steroid we are.......oy! All the girls have the upper respiratory infection, Jacey has an ear infection and Phoenix is on oral steroids now in addition to her singulair....this is a fun house let me tell ya......

Monday, May 14, 2007


As I've posted before it always seems like someone in this house is sick. All 3 girls have developed a cough.....thanks to me I think. :( Anyway I was at walmart and came across some Triaminic Thin Strips for Cold and Cough for kids. Just little strips that you put on your tongue and they dissolve much like the listerine packets. Well Jacey just thinks that they are the best thing since sliced bread. She will actually come and stick her tongue out for me and that's my cue to get her the medicine. :) Much better than sticky liquids I think!!!! Try just might like em.

Date Night

Saturday was date night. Babysitter and all! We haven't had a date night for quite awhile.....probably a year and a half or so!!!! Mostly because we didn't really have anyone here who could sit for us. My best friend already has 3 kids of her own and to add my 3 to that mix would just be chaos! Aunt Jojo and Aunt Wori are always busy. So Robert found a girl from church that he knows and the girls just love her!!! They had a great time. We went to see Spiderman 3. It was a lot of fun. Made me jump in my seat a few times even. We enjoyed it so much that we're going to make date night a necessity. At least once a month. I had a great time. Thanks daddy!!!

New Toy

I pulled Jaceys exersaucer out of storage over the weekend and got it all cleaned up. I think Phoenix likes it. :)


$3.25 a gallon. That's the average price for a gallon of gas here in Amarillo. That's a record high. Apparently according to the paper over the weekend, we're the highest price in Texas and the surrounding areas. Dallas reports in at $2.88, Denver at $3.14, Santa Fe at $3.20. These gas prices are just outrageous! There's no reason for it!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

"Happy Mother's Day" means more
Than have a happy day.
Within those words lie lots of things
We never get to say.
It means I love you first of all,
Then thanks for all you do.
It means you mean a lot to me,
And that I honor you.
But most of all,
I guess it means
That I am thinking of
Your happiness on this, your day,
With pleasure and with love.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who is this child?

Somedays I wonder who this child is. We just got back from Phoenix's dr appt. She's 4 months old and weighs 12.5 lbs. which is the 15th percentile!!!!! All my other kids have been off the charts 90+ percentiles for height and weight. Phoenix is just a skinny one I guess. She definately didn't get my genes! LOL

Monday, May 7, 2007

Rollin, rollin, rollin......

Phoenix can now roll from her tummy to her back and from her back to her tummy. She rolls all over her crib now. :) She's getting soooo big!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A relaxing sunday

Ring around the rosie......I can't hear you!!!!
Jazmin twirling in her new skirt
still twirlin.....
Cheesy pose before skirt was completely done.
Everythings bigger in Tx....just look at moms coffee cup
Are you thinkin what I'm thinkin???
Daddy please stop takin pictures..... pwwwweaasseeeee!!!
I'm tellin you I'm done with the flashy thing goin off in my face
You didn't listen.....I was tryin to tell I'm gonna pitch a fit!!!!

Jacey twirlin......
and twirlin.......
Look at those freckles!!!!

The toothless wonder


A big congrats goes out to a new mom and dad, Jeri and Werner. They welcomed Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Geldenhuys into the world April 30, 2007. She looks beautiful!!!! I hope you have a wonderful time enjoying your new bundle. Wish I was there to love on her!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Friends

May 5th. This is the day that TWO of my friends have birthdays. Melissa and Sandy. I want to wish each of you a very happy birthday. I hope you get a day of rest, relaxation, presents and cake!!!! I love you both so very much!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

$3.09 a gallon

Yup, that's what gas is going for here in the Panhandle. I found a walmart that was still $2.89 and quickly got in line. I only needed a half tank but that half tank still cost me around $27! Oh and did I mention that it was 5 cars deep and I waited 45 minutes just to get to the pump???? Makes me almost wanna rethink our trip this summer. :(