Monday, July 30, 2007


What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color purple, which embodies the characteristics of sensuality, spirituality, creativity, wealth, royalty, nobility, mystery, enlightenment, arrogance, gaudiness, mourning, confusion, pride, delicacy, power, meditation, religion, and ambition. Purple falls under the element of Earth, and was once a European symbol of royalty; today it symbolizes the divine.

Click the link below to see what yours is. :)

I'm truely blessed

I just want to take a moment and say that I am truely blessed to have two of the greatest friends ever. John and Melissa Haskell. You are so extremely generous and giving and I just love you both to pieces. I hope to someday be able to return the kindness that you have shared with my family and I. You are truely a gift from God! I love you guys.

100 things you may not have known

I copied this from my friend Melissa. In honor of her 100th post she listed 100 different facts about her. Well, I'm past my 100 posts but I wanted to do it anyway. :)

1. My name is Misty
2. I have 3 wonderful children.
3. They’re ALL girls
4. My poor hubby is soooo outnumbered.
5. I have 2 dogs
6. I have no brothers or sisters
7. I’m an ebayaholic
8. I can drive a stick shift
9. I used to barrel race
10. I can weld!
11. I took 4 years of shop classes in high school
12. I had to fight the school board to take said classes
13. I once blew up a pot boiling water on the stove
14. Guess I should have taken at least one home ec class
15. My first car was a Pontiac J2000
16. I used to have a pet rabbit
17. My favorite color is purple
18. My favorite flower is a lilac
19. I am double jointed in every single finger
20. I have 2 tattoos
21. My mother and I have matching tattoos
22. My mom taught me to sew when I was young
23. I hated every minute of it
24. Now you couldn’t pull me away from a sewing machine if you tried!
25. I make a lot of my childrens clothes.
26. I love to embroider
27. I have my own business
28. I hate to fly
29. I’ve been on one real vacation in my life
30. Disneyworld truly is the greatest place on earth
31. One day I WILL swim with the dolphins
32. I drive a minivan…AND it’s purple!
33. I used to have a rottweiler named Sadie
34. I grew up on a farm
35. The local game warden took my senior pictures
36. I hate needles
37. I still can’t cook
38. I love Christmas
39. I decorate my house the day of Thanksgiving
40. Sometimes my decorations don’t come down until the middle of Jan.
41. I once left Christmas lights up all year
42. I don’t think the neighbors liked it very much
43. People think my mom and I are sisters
44. I’m very crafty
45. I’ve painted numerous pictures
46. I’ve won awards for my leathercrafting
47. I can’t do a handstand
48. Our high school mascot was the Rattlers
49. I threw shot put in track my senior year of high school
50. Next year will be 15 years since I graduated
51. I hate to do laundry
52. Everything is better when it is set to music
53. I can tile a floor
54. I can build a shed
55. I used to judge pigs
56. I once won 2 airline tickets anywhere in the continental US
57. I used to paint pottery
58. I love to take pictures
59. I love to camp
60. I love to ride horses
61. I dislike hot weather
62. My favorite time of the year is the fall
63. I have a scar on my wrist from when I was in first grade
64. I have never broken any bones
65. I’m one of those crazy black Friday shoppers
66. I love to bargain shop
67. I’ve stood in line for hours waiting to get the perfect gift for my children
68. I can’t grow plants
69. I have a black thumb
70. I love the sound of wind chimes
71. I don’t always answer the phone
72. My favorite pizza is pepperoni and green olive
73. I love to garage sale
74. I hate to drive in big cities
75. I am a very quiet person
76. My husband is not :)
77. I dislike driving at night
78. I dislike it when people don’t use blinkers when driving
79. I can find anything on the internet
80. I have some of the most amazing friends EVER!
81. I’m a coffee drinker
82. I don’t like guacamole
83. Or cilantro
84. I collect Snowbabies figurines
85. My desk is messy
86. But I can find everything on it! :)
87. I have a coupon for almost everything
88. I love the mountains
89. I’ve seen the ocean
90. I love the sound of the rain
91. I love the sound of church bells ringing
92. I can rewire a lamp
93. I can’t say the ABC’s backwards
94. I still count on my fingers at times
95. I don’t like the dark
96. I wear a size 12 shoe
97. Harvest is my favorite Yankee candle scent
98. I don’t carry a purse
99. I hate wearing shoes
100. I used to suck my thumb

Sheesh! That's a long list. Hope you enjoyed that. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blogging Slump

I feel like I'm in a blogging slump right now. I don't have very much to blog about. I've been busy with some orders from my website and getting things ready for our first craft show of the year in early October. Jaz is excited that school will be starting in a month. She's got most of her school supplies ready. We still have to go clothes shopping. It seems she's outgrown everything in her closet!! Jacey is still on the potty training bandwagon. :) She's only had a few accidents to date. I'm very proud of her. Phoenix is growin, growin, growin. She's ready to start crawling in full force. She can stick her little tushy up in the air and bear crawl. It's pretty cute to watch. Daddy is settling in to his new job and is enjoying his second round of classes at the University of Phoenix. He's still got an A average so far. Way to go Daddy! I took the girls to get their pictures taken earlier this week. Hopefully I'll have those to share with you soon. They turned out so stinkin cute!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Color Africa

My friend Chris and his wife have started an organization called Color Africa. It is a global outreach to bring crayons and color books to children in hospitals in Africa with HIV/AIDS. I think this is a wonderful program that will bring a smile to a child who otherwise wouldn't have much to smile about. Check out his site and his story here.
p.s. Crayons are now on sale at walmart for $0.20 a box! And that's for the good Crayola ones. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

now THAT'S serious

Melissa and her crew joined us at the zoo today as well. Here is Ms. Caroline and Ms. Phoenix. Those are some serious looks on their faces.

and of course we can't forget the older girls

Meeting new friends

Today I had the chance to meet one of my mommy friends from a mommy board that we all post on. We have girls (Jacey and Claire) that are the same age. Both born in Oct of 04. Katherine and her family are from California and were passing through on their way to south Texas. We had a wonderful time together. We spent the morning at the zoo and had lunch in the park.

Me, Jazmin, Jacey, Phoenix, Katherine, Olivia and Claire
A squirrel we shared our lunch with

Jacey and Claire being silly
Playin in the sand
Olivia and Jaz on the monkeybars
All the kiddos on the big turtle

We had a great time Katherine. Let us know the next time you drive through town. We'd love to get together again. Hopefully next time won't be as hot! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Am I that old?

Jaz- "Mom, when you were my age did you have tv and radio back then?"
me- "Yes dear, I'm not that old!"
Jaz-"Are you sure?"


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Garage Sale

We had a garage sale this weekend. We had an entire single car garage AND a double car garage full of stuff. All day sat, and till 3 today. Whew!!! I'm pooped!!!!! Jazmin even got the bright idea of selling chips and soda. So we set her up with her little sign and cooler and she sold about $20 worth of snacks!!!! She's pretty excited about that. It helped that it was well into the 90's both days. We still have a little bit left so we'll have a one day sale next saturday. I hope it's at least another 2 years before we have another one. LOL

Thursday, July 12, 2007

6 months old

It's hard to believe my little angel is 6 months old. Took her to the doc today and she's finally up to the 50th percentile. 16 lbs and 26 inches. Poor baby has an ear infection too. Why is it that I have 3 children and I can't notice when they have an ear infection???? They exhibit no symptoms whatsoever!! So she got a shot of antibiotics for that along with 3 other vaccine shots and an oral medicine. And to make matters worse, we decide to get her tongue clipped. She's been tongue tied since birth and we waited to see if it would get better on it's own and well, it's showing no signs of improvement so we went ahead and did it. Figured it would be better to get it done now than to wait until she started having speech troubles with it. I've got a tied tongue too. I can't stick my tongue out of my mouth. Hers was worse than mine so we knew she'd have troubles with it. I know we did the right thing but I still feel a little bit bad about it. Hopefully she's not too mad at me. LOL She's resting peacefully in her crib right now.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Poor kiddos

It always seems like I'm posting about one sick kid or another. This time it's two. Jaz has been complaining that her ear hurt since yesterday. So I called the dr and got both her and Jacey in. They both are having terrible allergy symptoms too. Nasal congestion, runny nose, watery eyes. So both girls are now on Zyrtec (just like Phoenix) and Jacey has another ear infection in the same ear she did a month or so ago. You wouldn't know it. She says it doesn't hurt, no fever or anything like that. Then there is poor Jazmin. She's got swimmers ear! So she had to have some special ear drops with steroids in them. They are both on antibiotics as well. Poor kiddos!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Welcome to the world!!!

I'm late at posting this but I wanted to say welcome to the world little one! Our friends Josh and Sandy had another little baby girl on Friday. They named her Mia Thuy (I hope I spelled that right!) and she is absolutely adorable!!!! Congrats guys!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Move over SuzyHomemaker

We went to the library the other day and got Jazmin the Betty Crocker Kids Cookbook. She's fascinated with it. So far she's made the tacos and the french toast....all by herself!!!! She's a really great cook!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Air Conditioning

Such a simple little thing. You don't appreciate it until it's gone. Well, let me tell you........I GREATLY appreciate a/c right now!!!! Late tuesday night our a/c went out. Didn't take long for it to get to over 80 degrees in the house. And that's with doors and windows open and fans blowing!!! The wonderful a/c guy was here just a little bit ago and fixed it with a $20 part. I'm soooooo happy!


More outfits

Something for mommy!!!
Swimsuit coverups for the girls.

Texas flag outfits

Made the girls some 4th of July dresses

Picture issues

I've had some issues with pictures not being able to be seen bigger once you click on them.
All pictures from now on should work just fine.
If you still have issues, please leave me a comment!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Diva in the making

Thanks to Jojo, Ms. Jazmin gets to be in a tv commercial today for a local tv station. She's all excited about it, wanting to do her toenails and fingernails. Wanting me to do something to her hair. Practicing her smile for the camera. It's pretty cute to watch. Hopefully things go well this morning. Wish us luck. :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Space shuttle lands here at our airport!

On Sunday the space shuttle landed here to refuel. We went out to the airport as soon as we heard about it. But unfortunately we missed it. :( Here are some pics taken by others. You can even see an osprey in some of the pics. (That's the tilt rotor helicopter made here in town)