Monday, January 21, 2008

Phoenix's Birthday Celebration

We had Phoenix's birthday celebration yesterday. We wanted to have some sort of a party for her. Since we figured this would be the one and only year that we wouldn't be required to have her party at Chuck E Cheese or the like, we decided to go to lunch at Olive Garden and desert at Dairy Queen. It turned out quite well. She enjoyed herself and that was the point. :) I made her a onesie dress the morning of her party as well as a little party hat. I think she looks rather cute! :) You can't really see the dress in any of the pics since she's in a high chair all the time. I'll have to snap a pic when it comes out of the wash. You can see her poor excema in the pics too. :( But it looks a ton better than what it was! Ok, onto the pics.

Mmmm....Ice Cream!
Is that for me????
Hey, this is kinda fun!
Back off!! These are MY presents!
This tearin stuff up is pretty fun!

Happy Birthday Girl!
Yeah, I'm cute!
Are you done flashin that thing at me???
Yup, it's pretty good.Jacey helpin
Only in Texas will you see horses tied up in the parking lot, next to cars and the interstate.

On a side see those pink bows on Jaceys head? Well a lady saw them at walmart while we were grocery shopping later in the day and she wanted them!! She bought them right off Jaceys head!!!! I kid you not!


Melissa said...

It looks like you all had a ton of fun! Sorry we weren't able to be there to celebrate--but there is a present on my table with P's name on it! :) Those horses--sheesh! And the bow story--way too funny!!

JoJo said...

That hat is sooo cute! Pics turned out great!