Friday, August 8, 2008


We got to bring Gizmo home tonight! I was so excited. Thank you all for the prayers. :) He seemed to be responding to the treatment very well. I went out there last night as they fed him and he gobbled it right up. They gave us a special prescription food tonight and .... he won't touch it. Sigh.... of course not! I'm going to mix it up with his regular food and see if he'll eat it. I sure hope so. He's on a liver medicine that he'll have to be on for the rest of his life. One pill once a day. And antibiotics for a week. We have to take him back out in 4 weeks and redo all the blood tests. Sooner if he starts to lose weight again. So here's hoping my little man is on the mend.


Melissa said...

LOVE the new blog design!! Also, so glad that Giz is feeling better. Hope he continues on the path back to complete health!

phins_jazy said...

Thanks! I sure hope he sticks around awhile longer. I sure do love that little guy. And thanks about the blog. I've been inspired by you and have been playing with html code. LOL