Monday, January 26, 2009

Sooner Nationals BMX

We just got back from the Sooner Nationals in Guthrie, OK. It was Jaz's first national race and she did awesome! On friday night she got 6th, 2nd and got 5th in her main. Saturday she didn't race because it was a UCI race and we thought she'd have to go by different rules and end up racing experts. But it turned out that she wouldn't have. That's ok. We used it as a down day. On sunday she got fifth in her first race and was heading for first place in her second race, but she crashed. :( She went end over end with her bike on top of her. She scraped up her belly on the handlebar brake, twisted her bike seat and broke her helmet visor. She was pretty shook up but she got back up on her bike and she wanted to finish the race. The officials told her not to and to exit the track since everyone was coming up behind her. She didn't make her main that day. She would have gotten first in her race and went to the main if she didn't crash. :( But it was a great learning experience for her. She loved being able to watch all the pros ride and everyone else as well. It's a lot bigger than our track that's for sure! Despite crashing, she wants to go back! She's realized that she hang right in there with the big dogs. I'm SOOOO proud of her!!!!! (click to see bigger pics)

Jaz in blue in gate 3.

Jaz in blue in gate 7

Jaz in blue in gate 6

Jaz in blue in gate 1

Jaz is the one in blue!


Highlandgal said...

Oh, I was waiting to hear how it went! What a trouper! You must be so proud. It sounds like she did fantastic for her first Nationals.

Stupid question: Does she race girls and boys, or only girls? I'm guessing both.

phins_jazy said...

I am so very proud of her! She did wonderful! She races boys and girls. The entire weekend she raced only boys though. lol. Once she moves up classes (8 wins) she'll move up to a girls only class. But here at our local track they don't have enough girls so she'll still be racing boys.

Melissa said...

Wow! I too had wondered how it went. Great job Jaz!!
I was gonna ask the same question Highalandgal did! :)

asaaan said...

She sounds so brave.
I would have gone away crying if I had crashed.

I was thinking from a mom's point of view, do you get a pit in your stomach when you see your baby all lined up at the starting line. I would have covered my eyes.