Friday, April 9, 2010


Long time no see! My goodness. I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged. But ya know, sometimes you just need a break. Life gets in the way and you just have to go on living your life. That's exactly what has happened. So since we're a good 4 months into the new year and this is my very first post of the new year, I guess I need to do an update post.

Christmas went well. We had an amazing time at Disney! It was perfect! I can't wait to go back.

Jazmin is still racing BMX. She's currently #1 in the District in both Girls Class and Girls Cruiser. She's sporting her #1 plates with pride. :) She recently got a new bike and we're getting it ready for her to race this spring. She's doing well in school and since this is her last year in elementary school we've applied for her to go to a magnet middle school. With her being in the GT program I don't think the current middle school she's assigned to would be challenging enough. So we're still waiting on the application approval. We'll find out at the end of the school year.

Jacey is thriving in pre-K. The teacher calls her the little mother hen. I think that may be code for "busy body" LOL. She has a great time and enjoys going. It's only half a day but I think she'd love to go to a full day program. Next year in K it's a half day too so I hope she doesn't get too bored with it. Jacey is now also racing BMX. It took a full two weeks once she started to ride her bike without training wheels to ask to go to the track and race. We let her try it out and she loves it! She's even gotten some trophies for it. So now we have two racers in the family.

Phoenix is growing like a weed. She's 3 and loves to do everything her big sisters do. She's becoming a pro on the wii and loves to ride her scooter around while her big sisters are racing. I think she'll get the bug to race too.

Rob is still going to school and working for the same company. Ah that company. It's currently a thorn in my side. We just got word that the company has been bought out and they are to finish out their contracts and find other employment. The crappy thing about it is the fact that this is the second time this has happened to us. First time was a layoff without warning after the last buyout. At least this time we have a few months to prepare before it happens. Everyone cross your fingers. I don't know what will happen or where we'll go when the time comes. Stay here in TX or move somewhere else for a different job.'s all up in the air right now. We're currently working on getting everything in the house all fixed up. It seems like we have a million unfinished projects. My goal is to get them all finished up in the next few months.

Speaking of unfinished projects I currently have a picnic table in my living room that Rob and I built together for the kiddos. It's the cutest little thing! Just the right size for Jacey and Phoenix. A little too small for Jaz but that's ok. She's so turning into a tween and doesn't want to do a whole lot that the little kids do because she's too big. LOL. It's sitting unfinished meaning it needs a good sanding and a painting but the girls don't mind. They love using it. I got the plans from an awesome site. lady's name is Ana and she's awaken the carpenter in me again. I mean come on! I did take shop class for 4 years in high school instead of home ec. :) I see lots of building in my future. First up is a match to the little picnic table. We've got the wood cut and just need to put it together. Then I want to tackle a kitchen table and benches to go with it. Then a bench for the front porch and council table for the hallway and a storage locker for the entryway. Oh the list goes on and on. You really need to check out Ana's blog. It's awesome!!!

Lets see what else is going on in our crazy busy lives? We've joined a gym and the girls favorite part about it is the fact that they can swim every single day if they want. I like it for the peace and quiet. :) We don't go as often as we should but I see that changing soon. The balloon crew has started up the biggest loser contest and our first weigh in was last tuesday. We'll see what the scale says this coming tuesday at weigh in and I just may be hitting the gym a little bit more! lol I have gotten on the wii more and man I tell ya those little mii's and doing yoga really kicks me in the tush! I'm tired of the balance board going OH! everytime I step onto it. As of this morning it says I'm down 3 lbs! So it's progress. Here's to getting though the weekend and not going completely off my WW points. I've got a secret shop to do at a local restaurant and it's known for not publishing it's nutrition info so that can't possibly be a good sign!! Everyone send me willpower vibes please. :) Ok....this is a book. Guess I need to wrap it up. I promise, promise, pinky swear to blog more. At least once a week. :) Later gater!

ETA= I've turned off anonymous comment posting. Sorry you'll have to register to post a comment. 4 months of not blogging and I came back to, I kid you not, 200+ comments all from anonymous posters with nothing whatsoever to do with my blog. That's a crazy amount of spam. That has to stop. So unless you register for an account you won't be able post. Sorry but I hope you all understand.

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