Sunday, April 1, 2007

Cheetos baby

Just what is a cheetos baby you ask? It's the creation of a 2 year old who got tired of her other baby dolls. We went to walmart, got home, unpacked groceries and I find Jacey walking around with the bag of cheetos in one hand and her sippy in the other. She then proceeds to sit down and feed the cheetos baby cuz she's hungry. "Baby burp" she says and she puts the baby up on her shoulder and pats her back. "urp!" Baby has now been fed and burped.....what else to do......well a diaper change of course! When she got tired of her baby she brought her to me and said "momma open!" We then proceeded to eat the cheetos. Poor cheetos baby.

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Haskells5 said...

ROFLMAO...ohhhh...ok, I'm up from the floor...that is SO CUTE! What an imagination!