Monday, April 30, 2007

Texas Trivia

This was posted in the newspaper this morning. Thought all you non-Texans would like it.

Texas Quiz
Can you name the following?
1. State Cooking Implement
2. State Dog Breed
3. State Dinosaur
4. State Flying Mammal
5. State Folk Dance
6. State Fruit
7. State Health Nut
8. State Native Shrub
9. State Pastries
10. State Plant
11. State Seashell
12. State Song
13. State Snack
14. State Sport
15. State Vegetable

Answers: 1. Cast iron Dutch oven; 2. Blue Lacy, a herding and hunting breed; 3. Pleurocoelus, a brachiosaur sauropod; 4. Mexican free-tailed bat, the state flying mammal; 5. Square dance; 6. Texas red grapefruit; 7. Pecan; 8. Texas purple sage; 9. Sopaipilla and strudel; 10. Prickly pear cactus; 11. Lightning Whelk; 12. "Texas, Our Texas"; 13. Tortilla chips and salsa; 14. Rodeo; 15. Texas sweet onion.

Now you know a little bit more about Texas. :)

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Haskells5 said...

My goodness!! I have lived in Texas my whole life and had NO IDEA what the answers to those questions were. Thanks for making me feel completely stupid today! LOL :)