Wednesday, May 2, 2007

$3.09 a gallon

Yup, that's what gas is going for here in the Panhandle. I found a walmart that was still $2.89 and quickly got in line. I only needed a half tank but that half tank still cost me around $27! Oh and did I mention that it was 5 cars deep and I waited 45 minutes just to get to the pump???? Makes me almost wanna rethink our trip this summer. :(


Haskells5 said...

It really bites huh! I got gas at Sams for 2.84 gal and it was 4 cars deep per lane too!! Grrrrr :) I had to turn the car off while waiting in order to save the gas I had left. :(

SoonerMomma said...

I am so sick of the high gas! Grrr! It is still between 2.84 & 2.87 for regular unleaded here.