Thursday, July 19, 2007

Meeting new friends

Today I had the chance to meet one of my mommy friends from a mommy board that we all post on. We have girls (Jacey and Claire) that are the same age. Both born in Oct of 04. Katherine and her family are from California and were passing through on their way to south Texas. We had a wonderful time together. We spent the morning at the zoo and had lunch in the park.

Me, Jazmin, Jacey, Phoenix, Katherine, Olivia and Claire
A squirrel we shared our lunch with

Jacey and Claire being silly
Playin in the sand
Olivia and Jaz on the monkeybars
All the kiddos on the big turtle

We had a great time Katherine. Let us know the next time you drive through town. We'd love to get together again. Hopefully next time won't be as hot! :)

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