Monday, July 30, 2007

100 things you may not have known

I copied this from my friend Melissa. In honor of her 100th post she listed 100 different facts about her. Well, I'm past my 100 posts but I wanted to do it anyway. :)

1. My name is Misty
2. I have 3 wonderful children.
3. They’re ALL girls
4. My poor hubby is soooo outnumbered.
5. I have 2 dogs
6. I have no brothers or sisters
7. I’m an ebayaholic
8. I can drive a stick shift
9. I used to barrel race
10. I can weld!
11. I took 4 years of shop classes in high school
12. I had to fight the school board to take said classes
13. I once blew up a pot boiling water on the stove
14. Guess I should have taken at least one home ec class
15. My first car was a Pontiac J2000
16. I used to have a pet rabbit
17. My favorite color is purple
18. My favorite flower is a lilac
19. I am double jointed in every single finger
20. I have 2 tattoos
21. My mother and I have matching tattoos
22. My mom taught me to sew when I was young
23. I hated every minute of it
24. Now you couldn’t pull me away from a sewing machine if you tried!
25. I make a lot of my childrens clothes.
26. I love to embroider
27. I have my own business
28. I hate to fly
29. I’ve been on one real vacation in my life
30. Disneyworld truly is the greatest place on earth
31. One day I WILL swim with the dolphins
32. I drive a minivan…AND it’s purple!
33. I used to have a rottweiler named Sadie
34. I grew up on a farm
35. The local game warden took my senior pictures
36. I hate needles
37. I still can’t cook
38. I love Christmas
39. I decorate my house the day of Thanksgiving
40. Sometimes my decorations don’t come down until the middle of Jan.
41. I once left Christmas lights up all year
42. I don’t think the neighbors liked it very much
43. People think my mom and I are sisters
44. I’m very crafty
45. I’ve painted numerous pictures
46. I’ve won awards for my leathercrafting
47. I can’t do a handstand
48. Our high school mascot was the Rattlers
49. I threw shot put in track my senior year of high school
50. Next year will be 15 years since I graduated
51. I hate to do laundry
52. Everything is better when it is set to music
53. I can tile a floor
54. I can build a shed
55. I used to judge pigs
56. I once won 2 airline tickets anywhere in the continental US
57. I used to paint pottery
58. I love to take pictures
59. I love to camp
60. I love to ride horses
61. I dislike hot weather
62. My favorite time of the year is the fall
63. I have a scar on my wrist from when I was in first grade
64. I have never broken any bones
65. I’m one of those crazy black Friday shoppers
66. I love to bargain shop
67. I’ve stood in line for hours waiting to get the perfect gift for my children
68. I can’t grow plants
69. I have a black thumb
70. I love the sound of wind chimes
71. I don’t always answer the phone
72. My favorite pizza is pepperoni and green olive
73. I love to garage sale
74. I hate to drive in big cities
75. I am a very quiet person
76. My husband is not :)
77. I dislike driving at night
78. I dislike it when people don’t use blinkers when driving
79. I can find anything on the internet
80. I have some of the most amazing friends EVER!
81. I’m a coffee drinker
82. I don’t like guacamole
83. Or cilantro
84. I collect Snowbabies figurines
85. My desk is messy
86. But I can find everything on it! :)
87. I have a coupon for almost everything
88. I love the mountains
89. I’ve seen the ocean
90. I love the sound of the rain
91. I love the sound of church bells ringing
92. I can rewire a lamp
93. I can’t say the ABC’s backwards
94. I still count on my fingers at times
95. I don’t like the dark
96. I wear a size 12 shoe
97. Harvest is my favorite Yankee candle scent
98. I don’t carry a purse
99. I hate wearing shoes
100. I used to suck my thumb

Sheesh! That's a long list. Hope you enjoyed that. :)


Melissa said...

Wow. Enough said! LOL Seriously though, you and I are more alike than you thought (scary, I know). That whole thumb sucking thing...LOL Also, DO NOT ever tell John you know how to build a shed or you might have a job! :) Great post--I was completely entertained!

Debbie said...

I love your site. The 100 comments of what you like and don't like, what you can and cannot do is amazing. I wish I was half as accomplished as you. Rob is a lucky man to have you. Your kids are beautiful!

Debbie Lloyd

phins_jazy said...

Aw, thanks Debbie. Stick around for awhile. You may just learn something new. :D

Mel-I'd gladly come help John anyday! :)