Monday, July 14, 2008


It's been awhile since I've blogged. Things are just crazy around here this time of year. The older two girls have been at swimming lessons all last week and this week. They're having a great time!! I've got some fish on my hands. lol Phoenix is lovin it too cuz that means she gets to get out of the stroller and go explore while her sisters are at lessons. She's improving her walking skills every day. That little turkey is fast! This past sunday we took the opportunity as a family to get out and go exploring. We searched all over for some good picture spots. I've included a few that Daddy took. We found some cute horses, some ducks, rocks, dragonflies and a combine city! Sorry for the picture overload but I figured you wouldn't mind. :)
Lookout! Here I come!!!!Kisses! Pretty HorsesJust...a little...bit....more.....
On a rock hunt
Who needs Cadillac Ranch when you've got Combine City more of combine city
Can you see what I see? Look closely at my eye....
Pretty paint

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Melissa said...

Awesome pics and GLAD to see you are back to bloggin'. That pic w/the horse eye is COOL!!!