Wednesday, July 2, 2008


All of you following the webkinz craze would be proud of Jazmin today. She's had her heart set on getting one of the illusive Whimsy Dragons. They were released in May and they are soon to be retired. They're THE hottest webkin out there. She found the store locator on the webkinz site and found all the stores here in town. She then asked me if she could call them up and see if they had any. Sure! So she proceeds to call. 5 stores later, no dragon. 10 stores later, still no dragon, 15 stores later, still no dragon. At this point she's getting real discouraged but she continues on. 20 stores later, no dragon.....25 stores later, still no dragon.......30 stores later (including calling one in Canyon) .......SCORE!!!! Make that score x 3! Yup...she found 3 of them all at one store. 30 minutes later we had them in our hot little hands. I think we got the last 3 in the entire town. So her plan is to keep one, give one to Jacey and put the other one up on Ebay to recoup her costs. Don't think that Phoenix is being left out. Jaz being the sweetie that she is gave Phoenix her stuffed animal and was perfectly happy with the code to put in on the website. Everyone loves their dragons! :) So looking at Ebay this hot little dragon goes for about 3x what she paid for one. yes, you read that right....3x! So hopefully she'll be able to recoup her costs and have enough to buy another one. I'm so proud of her for taking the initiative to call the stores herself and the courage to talk to total strangers. I'm proud of her for being determined and to not give up when she got discouraged. She has proved to herself that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. So anyone looking for a whimsy dragon be on the lookout. We'll have it listed soon!!!

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Melissa said...

Way to go Jaz!! Such a little shopper...NO CLUE where she gets that! lol
Caitlin got a new webkins herself. It's the Lemon Lime Gecko. She's so proud! Maybe they can get on Webkins and chat sometime. Cait would love that!