Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things that irritate me

Let see....where shall we start the list today? Oh I know! How about the ped's office that won't return my phone calls! I called them twice yesterday because I was called by the school nurse yesterday morning because Jazmin had red cheeks. Jaz appears to be fine. No fever and she feels fine. Just red cheeks. The school nurse was going to monitor her. The ped's office has a answering machine set up where everytime you call in you have to leave a message and wait for a phone call back from them. A few weeks ago when I had to reschedule Jacey's appt I called and left a message at 8 in the morning and finally got a return call at 5 that night. Well yesterday I called twice and I never did get a return call! That really peaves me! Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my dr and his nurses....but his office staff could take a flying leap for all I care. They are so mean, rude and inconciderate! And trying to move to a different dr's office is next to impossible. No one is taking new patients except newborns. Especially during cold and flu season. I might be able to get one kiddo on the wait list for someone new but I highly doubt I'd be able to get 3 kids on the wait list. When we first moved down here Jaz was only 6 months old and I think it took her 6 months to be able to be seen by the dr. I really dislike the way the dr's offices are run down here. By the time Jaz got home from school yesterday the red cheeks had turned into a rash on her chest, shoulders and back. The only thing she complained about was the itch. So we gave her some benadryl and she was good. After searching the net yesterday I'm convinced that she has fifths disease. And once the rash shows up she's no longer contageous. She had no other symptoms until the red cheeks showed up. So since she's no longer contageous, I sent her to school today with a note and strict instructions to go to the nurses office if anything changes. Sigh..... Sorry for the rambling today. I'm just really frustrated.

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