Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! This is the one and only picture I've got of the veterans day parade on Saturday. That's our bike trailer that I decorated. All with the cricut! The sign says Tornado Alley BMX. The stars and the bmx rider were cut out on the cricut too. Jacey and Phoenix rode in the trailer with Daddy pulling it on his bike. Jaz rode her bike and passed out candy. I wasn't there because I had to work. :( We later heard from the parade officials that Tornado Alley won first place for their entry. They should be getting a trophy for that at a later date. Speaking of trophies..... Jaz got her first trophy on Saturday's afternoon race. 3rd place!!! Woohoo!!! She's lovin riding at the track. Her chest protector came in the mail on friday and she wore it to the race saturday. It was all nice and pretty, shiny and new.....until she took a spill and broke it in real good. The chest protector did it's job and Jaz bounced right back up and said it didn't hurt. She's such a tomboy. Couldn't even keep it girly for a day. LOL Now it's all covered up with scratches. :) She's got another race tonight (if the weather cooperates) and I'll have to take a pic of her in her gear with her trophy.

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Melissa said...

That is so awesome that you decorated that all with your Cricut. Such a cool thing!
So----as soon as Christian is at 100% again, you and I need to get together. Joann's perhaps?? Or---*gasp*---TARGET?? :)