Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Officially a 3rd Grader

Yesterday was Jazmin's first day of school. She is now officially a 3rd grader. She is so excited. She has 2 different teachers this year. She spends half the day with one teacher and then they all move to a different room and spend the rest of the day with another teacher. The best part is that the afternoon teacher was Jaz's teacher last year. She's the long term sub teacher. It seems like every teacher in that school is having babies so there is always someone out on maternity leave! LOL She gets her own locker and everything. Which of course she wants to decorate with magnets :) I know she'll have a great year. I'm so proud of you Jaz!!!

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Melissa said...

That's really interesting that she'll have 2 teachers...but kinda cool! :) As for the locker---don't tell Cait--she might be too jealous. *wink* Way to go Jaz!! You girls are growing up way too fast!