Friday, August 3, 2007

When it rains it pours

Amarillo has a very poor drainage system. So every single time it rains, the city gets flooded. We got 2-3 inches yesterday. Poor mailman
This is the intersection by Rob's work
There shouldn't be any water coming over the side of this bank. That's all runoff from the street.
I should add that I was stuck in the van with all the kiddos when this happened. Melissa and I were going to hobby lobby. We made it as far as the hobby lobby parking lot. :) We never did make it inside.


Melissa said...

That was CRAZY huh!! It was so bad that it flooded S. Georgia and I couldn't even get into the main entrance of Foxridge. Fun stuff I tell ya!

Anonymous said...


phins_jazy said...

You'd think they'd do something about the drainage system. Too much work i guess. lol