Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The value of water

"Momma, can't turn water on" says Jacey as she's trying to wash her hands. "Yes you can sweetie. Try again." I say "Nope!" Still no water. So momma goes it and sure water. What a lovely thing to find out at 10am with 3 children at home. So I start to panic. Call dh "Did you pay the water bill?" "Um, ya" "Are you sure?" "YES!" "Well we've got no water!" I go outside and there are service men working on the line. I ask him how long we'll be without water. "Till 3. But you should have water. Everyone south doesn't but you should. " Aparently there is a valve problem that shut our water off too. Lovely........ no water till 3pm....... Luckily Phoenix is sleeping and I don't have to make her a bottle right now. Rob is bringing home lunch AND a case of water. AARRRGGGHHHH!


Melissa said...

Oh for the love of Pete!! Man, you really forget how important things like running water are until you don't have it. Hopefully they get it straightened out soon!

phins_jazy said...

Luckily they finished by 3. Woohoo!!!! :)