Monday, October 15, 2007

Corn Maze

On Saturday I took the girls to a local corn maze. Daddy was having some pretty bad allergies so he stayed home. Good thing cuz it was pretty windy out there. This is just a mile or two from the house. It's a corn maze on 8 acres in the shape of the WT Buffalo.
Here we are getting started. Sunny and windy!!
Jazmin is the navigator. She did an awesome job. We only got lost a couple of times. :)
Jacey checking out her map.
Jacey at checkpoint 3. Figured that was appropriate since she just turned 3. :) At each checkpoint you have to answer a question and depending on the answer you give it tells you if you are to go left or right. Luckily we had the kids version of the trivia. LOL
Jacey hitchin a ride with sissy. She's pooped! We've been walking for almost an hour at this point.
Yeah we made it!!!!! And we only lost the baby's blanket once. :) Luckily some people behind us found it and we didn't have to backtrack too far.

Jazmin shooting ears of corn out of a cannon.
If you look real close you can see the corn flying through the air. (click on pic to make it bigger)
Don't get cornfused! LOL

They've also got a pumpkin patch next to the corn maze. And you can see that Jacey was drinking a purple soda, hence the purple ring around her lip!
They had sheep and goat too!
And pigs!!! Jacey thought they were cool.
And mules, can't forget about them.
The girls riding the cow train.

and digging in the sand
Jacey thought these looked like snakes and was scared of them.
Pretty gourds
Scarecrow Jazmin
Pumpkin tower Jacey
We had a great time and I definatly recommend it.


4texans said...

looks like the girls had fun!

The Haskell Family said...

YEAH! So glad you got to go! It was fun huh! Those pics are great!

Highlandgal said...

Corn-fused. Ha ha! Gotta love that corny humor ;)

catankgirl said...

That is the coolest maze I've seen! Love the cow train too. Very fun!