Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jaceys party

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Steve sent Jacey a gift card and this is what she picked out with it.

Deciding which piece of cake to eat.
Present love
Carefully tearing the paper off her present Ripping the paper off. Oomp would be in shock! :)
Fun on the slide

The dirty, skinned knee princess. :)
Tutu fluff....I couldn't resist this pic
Jacey wanted a butterfly cake. This is what I came up with. She directed where everthing went. Can we say sugar overload?????

Momma baked, Jazmin frosted, and Jacey decorated these cupcakes all on her own. She was pretty proud of herself.


RLGelber said...

Way cute skinned-knee princess. Happy Birthday Jacey!

The Haskell Family said...

Those pics are so darn cute...ESPECIALLY the one of the tutu fluff! LOL I hope she had a very happy birthday!