Friday, November 30, 2007

Bubble lights

Today's entry is about my absolute favorite lights.....bubble lights! I don't know what it is about them. The bubbling action, the pretty colors. It just makes me want to sit and stare at them for hours. So here is one for you to enjoy. I wish you could see the bubbling in action. Tonight we're going to the electric light parade downtown. They've got about 60 floats or so all decked out with christmas lights. Then the mayor will light the town christmas tree. It's nothing like Disneys electric light parade but it's fun nonetheless. :) Hopefully we'll have pics to post later. We've got our hot chocolate and blankets ready. :)


The Haskell Family said...

So are they similar to a lava lamp or something? They look very pretty--would love to see them in person. :)

phins_jazy said...

They've got liquid in the tube and they're heated by the bulb underneath. They're very cool. You'll have to come over for supper some night or something and see them. :D