Thursday, November 15, 2007

a little bit dirty

Most children hate to get a bath. Not Ms. Jacey! She does everything in her power to get dirty to get IN the tub. This morning she was in the bathroom being unusually quiet. That right there should have been a tipoff to me that something was up. So I go in and peek around the corner and the child has toothpaste on her toes!!!! Momma, they were a little bit dirty. So in the tub she goes. She plays around like a fish for almost an hour and proclaims that she's clean and wants to get out. Hmmm, I wonder what her next venture will be to make her "a little bit dirty" as she would say whenever she wants to take a bath.

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The Haskell Family said...

That is so funny!!! Christian loves his baths too--when he wants one, he tells me his feet are kiddos! :)