Sunday, November 4, 2007

Touch of cold weather

We've had a touch of cold weather here lately. It's had me rummaging through the closets to make sure the girls all have warm coats. Everyone but Phoenix had one that fit. The one I had set aside for her was huge! It swallowed her up. So, off to my favorite place to find her a new one.....ebay. I found a cute litte jacket with a matching hat that would be her size come winter. Or so I thought. Take a look at the pics and see for yourself. This girl is just a little peanut!!! She does have arms in there......somewhere!
I think it's a little big, where are you? I can't see anything!!!!

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The Haskell Family said...

ROFL!!! That is too cute! Don't worry Momma--she'll grow into it soon enough. :)