Monday, February 11, 2008

Pizza Hut

How hard is it to get an order right?

Last night we ordered pizza from the pizza place down the street. We eat there about once a month. We're boring and always order the same thing. Well last night I googled for coupons and I found one that was exactly what we needed. 2 large pizza's any way you want them and 10 breadsticks. Great!!! So we ordered a handtossed one and a deep dish one as well as the breadsticks. I ordered it and rob picked it up. He got home and only had one container of breadsticks. Ok, so they messed up. Only 5 breadsticks instead of 10. Open the first the second pizza ......handtossed. Not deepdish like I had wanted. Ok....two mistakes in one order.....not good. So we called. At first the lady said that the breadsticks got cut wrong and we did in fact get 10. Um, every other time we get 10 breadsticks they come in 2 boxes not just one. Then we tell her the pizza was made wrong. We ordered one deep dish and one hand tossed. After being on hold for awhile she came back and said that the only thing they could do was to remake the pizza. Fine. Go ahead. We'll be there shortly to pick it up. Rob drives down, gets the pizza, it's another handtossed pizza! He tells the lady and she says what's wrong now? That's what you wanted! NO!!! That's not what we wanted, that's not what we ordered, just get the order right! So she had them make yet another pizza...... a deep dish pizza like they should have in the first place. So now instead of the two pizzas and breadsticks that we ordered we now have 4 pizzas and a small order of breadsticks. Guess we've got enough for lunch for today and tomorrow. LOL. I mean come hard is it to get an order right? And since when do you argue with the customer and tell them that they are wrong????


Melissa said...

I totally agree with you on this one. I mean, come on! How hard is it to get it right in the first place--but to argue with you? Sheesh!!

Sraikh said...

Stupid people for making you wait that long for food