Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring Break

I just booked my mom a flight to fly down here over spring break. Sheesh! Airfare is getting ridiculous! One flight for her is about the same price as it was for 2 of us to fly home last time. And lets not forget the spring breakers who are getting charged an arm and a leg to fly that week. Heck it's not even that week anymore it's the whole entire month!! $1100 for a flight from SD to TX. I mean come on now!!! Luckily we were able to get it cheaper than that. We did book almost a month in advance too. Anyway, that's my rant on high airfare. I think I would code if I had to fly my family of 5 anywhere right now.


Melissa said...

GOOD GRIEF!!! Are you kidding?!?!? What is it with the airfare spike--I mean, really. It's not like they are losing money or anything. Besides that, I hope you and your mom have a great time figuring out that new serger!

phins_jazy said...

It just makes no sense to me at all! Yes, I see lots and lots of sewing in my immediate future. Must take thee to a fabric store....pronto! :)

Sraikh said...

goodness really. thats like an international flight airfare.
I am hyperventalitng thinking abt spending almost 10k on airfare going to Singapore/India. We are going to die. I am seriously thinking do I really love my family and inlaws that much. 10k not counting the spending money there and buying gifts for family..