Thursday, April 3, 2008


So today I had to take Jaz to the dr. She's got horrible allergies just like her father. Poor kid, she's got my bad eyes and his bad allergies. Anyway, we were able to get her fixed up with some steroids for 5 days, some zyrtec and some nasonex. Luckily he gave me about 6 weeks worth of samples. :D Hopefully my poor child will be able to breath again soon. She snores terribly bad at night and breathes through her mouth the majority of the night. She woke up this morning with terrible cracks in her lips from them being so dry. Poor baby! So todays goal is to set up the humidifier and hopefully that will help too.

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Melissa said...

Uggg!! Poor Jaz!! I hate allergy season--makes us all so miserable!