Monday, April 14, 2008

Hannah Montana Jazmin

Jazmin picked out this pattern awhile back and wanted me to make her a top. I've been so darn busy that I haven't had a chance to do anything with it. Well, I had yesterday off and I decided to take a stab at it. OY! Trying to read and decypher the pattern took the longest. I kid you not!!! I spent all afternoon yesterday trying to get it done. Then for some reason, it clicked! The first top took a few hours. The second one took an hour or so from cutting the fabric to the very last stitch. Jaz loves them!!!! Here she is modeling. :) The pattern
The first top. Check out the sporty glasses!!! Isn't she cute????
The second top
It even ties in the back


Sraikh said...

Thats really cute.
My girls love HM and High School Musical

Melissa said...

HOW STINKIN' CUTE!!! Way to go on figuring out a hard pattern. I have a few of those still tucked away! lol
I love her glasses too! Tell her I think they make her that much more adorable! :)

phins_jazy said...

Thanks guys. It really was easy.....after I did it once. :) She's picked out more fabric for me to make more.

catankgirl said...

Very chic! Was the pattern easy to follow, as in, like, could I? If so, maybe I'll pick up some, even though Olivia has no idea yet who Hannah Montana is. ;)