Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jacey the comedian

I'm tellin you this kid of mine is going to be a comedian when she grows up. We went to a pizza buffet today for lunch. Jacey would not eat her lunch. She would take little nibbles here and there but nothing significant. Finally the desert pizza came up on the buffet and of course she wanted that right away. I told her she had to eat a little bit more and drew an imaginary line on the pizza with my finger. I told her when she ate to that line she could have the dessert pizza. Well my darling daughter tried to renegotiate where the line was. I didn't give in. Told her where the line was one last time. Daddy and I were talking and Jacey was nibbling some more. Then all of a sudden she goes, Mommy, I'm at the line can I have my dessert now? The little turd had taken a bite out of the side of the pizza right where I told her the line was. "See, I ate to the line Momma." with a big huge grin on her face. Daddy and I busted out laughing. Maybe she should run for president too when she gets older. She's always got a way around everything! :)

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Melissa said...

ROFL!! I love that girl!