Saturday, September 13, 2008

Elvis has left the building.

We went to the fair last night. I sooooo love the fair. Fair food that is. There is something about the deep fried goodness that gets me every time. The cowboy taters, the cheese on a stick, the cowboy taters, the corndogs, the cowboy taters, the deep fried pickles. Have I mentioned the cowboy taters????? Mmmmm..... now I'm hungry again. :)

The main reason we went to the fair last night was to see how our entries did. Rob entered 5 photos and a wooden bark carving. I entered a scrapbook and a clock. Jaz entered two paper doll scenes, a stepping stone, an ankle bracelet, a drum and a tambourine. Everyone did quite well I think. Rob got an honorable mention on one of his photos and first place on his carving. I got first place on my scrapbook and 3rd on my clock. Jaz got 2 first place ribbons. One on her stepping stone and one on her halloween paper doll scene. She got second on her ankle bracelet and her christmas paper doll scene. She was so excited!!! She wants to enter more next year. Unfortunately I didn't take pics before we submitted our entries so you'll have to wait until next sunday when I get them back.

And of course we saw Elvis. (bursts into hysterical laughter) We went to see the hypnotist show. Rob got called up on stage along with 9 others to participate. Oh my goodness it was a riot!!!! He thought he was Elvis and started dancing around the stage. He had the footwork down, the voice and even a tush wiggle. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Oh how I love the fair!


Melissa said...

ROFL---now THAT is something I would have paid $$ to see! LOL He's so silly! Gotta love the fair for sure! :)

Melissa said...

LOVE the new layout by the way--those pics are precious!!