Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our fair entries

We finally got our things back from the fair today. Anyone who has never entered the fair before, I highly recommend it next year. Jaz scored $10 and Rob and I earned $3 and $4. In addition to that we also received 5 free tickets for gate admission. So in all, we received $67. Not too shabby. Ok.....onto the pictures. Jazmin got 2 first place and 2 second place ribbons as well as 2 participation ribbons. I got first for my scrapbook, and third for my clock. Rob got first for his wood carving. And we entered 5 pics in the photography section. Rob got an honorable mention on his Blaze picture. Now to start on entries for next years fair. Onto the pictures.....

Jaz's entries

Jaz's recycled indian drum
Jaz's tambourine
Jaz's Tink stepping stone

Jaz's ankle bracelet
Jaz's christmas paper dolls. All cut out by her on the cricut.

Jaz's halloween paper dolls. Again cut out by her on the cricut.

My clock

Rob's pics. This one called Blaze, got honorable mention. The pics look terrible since they're pictures of pictures. If you want to see them in all their glory go check out my flickr site. You can find it on the sidebar at the left.

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DeanneandColin said...

Congrats again Misty!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the scrapbook. All of the entries are absolutely fabulous. Jaz did an excellent job on the paper dolls. The Halloween one is too cute!!