Saturday, July 18, 2009

Todays the day

Todays the day we clean out the old playroom and transform it into a sewing room. The kiddos have decided that they would like to stay together in one room rather than be apart in two different rooms. Fine by me! I'm sure Jaz will change her mind in a few years when she officially gets into the teenage years, but for now, I won't argue with her. :) So we're taking down all the baby stuff....crib, high chair, bouncy and the like and will be giving them to a good friend. So that means I have a whole room devoted to sewing and crafting. I can finally get it all off the kitchen table. Wait! We have a kitchen table?!?!? LOL Yes we do! Just haven't been able to see it lately. It's under all my stuff! So when the transformation is complete I'll post pics for you all to enjoy. Bye for now.

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