Friday, May 16, 2008

Long time no blog

Yes, I've been a terrible blogger these last few weeks. I apologize to all my faithful readers. I'll try to sum it all up in this one post for you. It's the end of the school year and that brings on a frenzy of activities. Jaz has 9 more days of school and then she's officially a 4th grader! Gosh I feel old!!! When did she get so big?? Who gave her permission to grow up?!?!? She is super excited. We're still waiting the results of her Math TAKS test but I'm confident that she passed with flying colors. I'm trying to keep the girls busy this summer but now I'm wondering if I've got them TOO busy. LOL Jaz is signed up for the enrichment camp, and then she goes onto a cheer camp, then 2 weeks in swimming lessons. I tried to get her signed up for a pottery class that she wanted but I just wasn't quick enough because it's full already. Jacey is signed up for 2 weeks worth of swimming lessons too. I was going to sign her up for gymnastics too but all the classes are full. Plus, she can go jump on the trampoline and have the same amount of fun. :) Lets see what else do we have planned for this summer? Another weekend trip to Dallas, a weeklong conference for daddy, 4th of July, a possible trip to Nebraska, and hopefully a few camping trips thrown in there somewhere too. Speaking of weekend trips to Dallas, we just got back from one. My mom is training for a new job and they sent her to the Dallas area to train for 6 weeks!!!! We had lots of fun. We ate lots, did lots of shopping and I can't wait to go back. Miss you mom!!! The girls had a great time. I'm sure that there were a few people cursing us though with all the crying Ms. P was doing. She did NOT want to go to sleep! I'm really glad that the girls got to spend some more time with gran. They ususally only get to see her once a year so this was a great treat for them. They've been constantly asking me when are we going back MOM!!!! Soon, girls, very soon. :) I've got pictures to upload, but I just haven't had any time to get it done. So be looking for some new pics very soon.

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Melissa said...

That's awesome that you were able to see your mom! DFW may be in our future too!