Friday, May 16, 2008

spring cleaning

Like many of you, I go through moods from time to time. :) This time the mood is to get rid of junk. I'm so tired of having a cluttered house and not having a place to put everything. So I decided to start getting rid of stuff. We thought about having a garage sale but after the last one, decided that it was too much work. LOL So I started to pack things up and off to goodwill they will go. I get one bag done and stick it in the car. Get another bag done and stick that one in the car. So far the entire back hatch is full of clothes that the girls have outgrown and other misc baby supplies, and I'm working on filling up the back seat as well. I'm halfway there. Oh and lets not forget the umpteen bags of clothes that have that one pesky stain on them or are just so far out of fashion that no one in their right mind will wear them. Yup, those all went in the trash. I can't even count the number of bags that went in the trash. It feels good though to get rid of things and have a semi normal closet that you can actually walk into and not get swallowed up in. Next project is to organanize and purge my sewing/crafting supplies. Sigh......that one might take awhile.

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Melissa said...

Sweet! Can you come spring clean my casa? lol