Thursday, October 30, 2008

The first ride of a new Pirate

Spontaneous. That is the word that currently describes our family. 4:30 yesterday we were told that the balloons were going up at 5:30. Nothin like a balloon launch to make the kiddos hustle! We got Phoenix up from her nap, got everyone strapped into their carseats and off we went to the launch site. It was a beautiful day! No wind at all. That rarely happens here in the panhandle. You can click on all the pics to see them larger. Rob helpin get Serenity ready.
I think he's caught "the bug"

Almost up.

Amarillo National went up too!

The crew
Amarillo National about to lift off

You can see the launch site in the distance. I love all the fall colors.

This is 34th and Bell. Hobby lobby to the left, Walgreens in the middle and Stein Mart to the right.

View from above

Nice view of the city with the fall foilage.

Bullseye! This is at the corner of 34 and almost I-40 (albertsons to the left)

I can see my shadow!

Pretty houses

Reflection over a pond

Reflection over a pond

The horses didn't like the balloon very much

The colors on these trees were just gorgous!

Gotta love Stanley Marsh

Beautiful sunset

Landing at the local golf course.

Jaz and Jacey about to go up.

Jacey holding on for dear life!

Jaz and Jacey on a tethered flight.

I love this shot from under the balloon as it's going up.

Hello down there!

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Melissa said...

What amazing pictures!!
You guys totally kill me! :) I think the balloon thing is so cool--my mom has been a huge lover of them for years. That's so fun that you get to hang out with the crew and ride in them. Can't wait to see more pics!