Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Jacey!!!

Miss Jacey is 4 today!!!! She's all excited. I let her open up one of her presents this morning. She was pretty excited since her party isn't until next weekend. She got a cheeky monkey webkinz that she quickly named George. ..... and she's a girl. LOL George will be in good company along with King Louie Bluey who is also a girl. LOL She's currently on her computer in webkinz world introducing George to all her other animals. She's a hoot! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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Melissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACEY!! I can't believe she's that old! My gosh....
Webkinz are the main attraction around here too. Who knew $12 would buy me so much "momma time"--what with Cait in there on the computer 24/7? :)