Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jaz's new passion

Jaz has a new passion. BMX racing. We found out about the track purely on accident. We were driving home one night and saw lights and being the nosy ones we are we decided to check it out. The kids were practicing that night. They let Jaz try it out that night and the next night and she loved it! So we signed her up. Last night she had her first official race. She had 3 races and she placed 5th, 2nd and 3rd. She was so excited!!! With a little work and lots of practice I think she'll be excellent! Yes, she has bit the dust a few times. Last night she hit pretty hard and got the wind knocked out of her but she got up and got back up on her bike. She's quite persistant. Yes, I know there is a probability that she might get hurt but ya know what, you can get hurt walking along the sidewalk too. We can't protect her in a bubble for the rest of her life. Although I wonder if I could bubble wrap her bike and jersey??? :D She's having a great time doing what she likes to do and really, that's all that matters isn't it? Gettin ready at the gate. Jaz is in the middle in the blue jersey.
All the kids from the track.
Jaz and her friend Hannah. They had a costume race since it's Halloween week. They had to run to one end of the track, put on a costume and run back.
Hula girl Jaz.
What Daddy????
Jaz settin up for the rhythm section.
Up and over.
Jaz gettin ready for the turn......gotta love the pink shoes. LOL

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Melissa said...

Wow! That looks like fun--way to go Jaz!