Thursday, December 4, 2008


For the most part my girls like to share. For the most part! But there are some things that I wish they wouldn't share. Jaz has shared her fifths disease with Jacey! This is one time I would have preferred her to be selfish and keep it all to herself. So now Jacey is covered with the lovely red rash and has rosy red cheeks. It only took what, 2 weeks for her to get it. So am I safe to assume that the baby will get it right before christmas????Sigh..........

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Melissa said...

YUCKY!! :(
You know what? Caroline had fifths about a week ago. Dunno where she got it, and no one else in the house did. Of course, Christian had already had it when he was her age. Anywho, I feel your pain--no fun!