Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weird Walmart Experience

I just got back from walmart. It's freezing cold outside but I had to go. We're having a party tonight and I needed some last minute things. I had Jacey and Phoenix with me. Cold, windy, trying to get the kids in the car and unload groceries. A man approaches me and asks me what kind of perfume I'm wearing. I immediately thought of the perfume/ether scare on snopes but I couldn't remember if it was true or not. Anyway I told him I don't wear perfume. Then he says that your husband must wear cologne. I said no and he asked are you sure? Again I said no, closed the door to my van and he left. I've been freakin out ever since!!! I probably overreacted and called walmart and the non emergency police #. He just wigged me out for some reason. After getting home and checking out the snopes site I see that it was just a rumor but you never know nowadays. Shivers!!!!!

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