Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Lights

We decided to take avantage of the nice weather last night and go look at christmas lights. So we loaded up the kids and the hot chocolate and off we went. The first place we hit was the crazyxmasdocs house. It was so cool. It had traffic stopped in the street in both directions. We had to get out of the van to see the lights. I know I posted video before but here it is again a little bit different this time. Lights!! I could sit there for hours just watching the lights. Rumor has it that Santa is going to make a stop there christmas eve so we're going to go back and see. :) Then we went out to Bishop Hills and looked at all the pretty lights out there. It's a little community outside of town where 99% of the residents decorate for the season. It's pretty neat to see. Sorry I don't have pics. Just too hard to get a good pic of lights from a moving van. There is one house where every square inch of their property is covered in lights. I'm not kidding!! Even the rocks have lights on them! It's pretty cool. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll be able to go back out and see them again. *sigh* Have I told you how much I like lights?

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