Friday, June 27, 2008

New do

The time has come for a new hairdo. I haven't had my hair cut since 06!!! I had it cut real short then and Rob hated it so I let it grow out ever since. I like it long but it's just so darn thick and heavy and not to mention HOT!!!! So I went and got a good 6-8 inches cut off the other day. (not quite enough for locks of love unfortunately :( the minimum requirement there is 12 inches I've been told. I don't think I could wait for another 4 inches to grow!) I think Rob will be shocked when he gets home. :) It's not as short as the last time I cut it all off. It's to my shoulders. It's a layered bob. I'll take some pics just as soon I get myself to the store and get some anti frizz products. I'm a total frizz ball!!!! LOL But I was able to get to use my new straightening iron. That helped the frizz a little bit and made my wavy hair nice and straight. Now to find my blow dryer........ And of course since momma had her hair cut the girls wanted theirs done too. So Jaz has a cut very similar to mine but a few inches longer and Jacey has a nice shoulder length bob. Hopefully I can keep the scissors away from her and we won't have any more hair cutting accidents. :)


Melissa said...

Can't wait for pics! Like the new header too--getting pretty good w/that camera! :)

Crissa said...

Aww cool! Oh minimum donation length for Locks of Love is 10 inches and you can do more than one pony as long as the measured length is 10 inches.

Their website is really good