Monday, March 10, 2008

The birthday month

March is such a busy month for us. We call it the birthday month. Lets see, there is Jazmin, Devin, Christian, (those two are on the same day!) Laurie, Daddy, and Grandpa Verney (hope I haven't forget anyone!) all celebrating a birthday this month. Lets throw in St. Pattys day, easter and spring break and you've got an even crazier month!!! So to all of you birthday peeps,(lol, pun intended.....easter peeps....marshmellows....ok, I lack sleep ) I want to give a shout out and say Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope you all have a great day. :) There, now everyone is covered. :D

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Melissa said...

thanks for wishing Christian a happy birthday! We are in the same boat here too---there's Christian, Jazmin, my grandpa (well, it WAS), my mom, St. Patty's day, Easter, Rob, our friend Lainee and her brother Nathan--i'm sure there's someone i've left out. it's craziness i tell ya!