Monday, March 17, 2008

Quite the adventure

It has been quite the adventure since mom has been here. Lets see....She got to Houston and her plane was delayed. :( Only by a half hour or so but it was still a let down since her previous flights had all been ahead. The girls met her at the airport with a lovely know, in case grandma forgot where she was going. :) We got home and we've been sewing ever since. We've made Jazmin a shirred dress, Jacey a shirred dress, an ariel peasant top, a stripwork ariel skirt, a green stripwork skirt, a green peasant top, a pettiskirt that I want to throw through a window, and later today we will be starting on a recon of a button up mens shirt into a cute sundress. I'll be sure to post pics of our creations later on. We've gone garage and estate saleing. $20 will buy you a new can opener, oxyclean, endless amounts of tupperware bowls, three pairs of jeans, a shirt, 4 coloring books, a muffin tin, disney movies, a RUFFLER FOOT!!!, a hard top carrier for the top of the van, and a new clip on light for my serger. :) Did I mention that was all for $20??? Gotta love it when you find someone who will haggle on their prices. :D And to top everything off, ...... I've been sick. :( A lovely headcold that makes it terribly hard to breathe. Lets not talk about trying to eat. Have you ever tried to eat and breathe out of your mouth at the same time. ?Not real easy!!!! So that has slowed me down a bit. But I'm starting to feel better. We've still got 2 whole days left of gran being here. Who knows what kind of adventures we'll be on. We'll keep you posted!!


Highlandgal said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your creations!

Melissa said...

My head is spinning already--wow! You ladies sure have been busy!