Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

What a busy day we've had today! First off, it's daddy's birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday Daddy. Last year you basked in the sun in sunny California for your birthday...... this get glasses. :D Yes, yes, they're just reading glasses but glasses nonetheless. I'm scared to see what next year brings. LOL All joking aside, I hope you have a wonderful day honey!!!!

So we all went to the eye dr today. All 5 of us! The dr looked at everyone but Phoenix. She was too busy exploring the floor and the hallway anyway. :) I got a new prescription for glasses and some trial contacts that you don't have to take out for an entire month!!! That will be nice. We'll see how they turn out. Daddy got reading glasses that he only really has to use when he's doing all the reading in front of the computer that he's having to do for school. He got some neat Harley Davidson glasses. Unfortunately I've passed along my bad eyes to the girls as well. :( Jazmin has had some problems reading the board at school. She has an astigmatism in one eye and is farsighted in the other eye. ( I think that' right, I always get nearsighted and farsighted mixed up! She can't see far away) So she picked out a pair of cool looking purple glasses. We let her pick out whatever she wanted. I think she's going to like them! Jacey....for the time being is ok. Her vision is going to go down the same road though the dr said. It's basically just a matter of time. She's got an astigmatism and is farsighted as well....just not as bad as Jazmin right now. I'd say give her 2-3 more years and we'll see glasses on her too. So all in all a pretty exciting trip for us. I just have to say.....thank goodness for insurance!!! Everyones glasses should be here in the next 7-10 days. I'll make sure to post pics for everyone. :)


Melissa said...

Happy birthday Rob from the Haskells! Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

phins_jazy said...

Ya I think the Harley glasses are helping him to not feel quite so old. LOL